Greatest pool players of all times

Throughout the history of billiards, there have been many important figures that impressed the spectators with their skills. In a world in which both male and female professionals have showed their talents, there are some of them who took this sport to another level. Their work has been rewarded with multiple international titles and sponsor contracts. With a worldwide reputation and illustrious careers, there is no wonder people remember them as legendary athletes and are continuously amazed by their achievements.

If you are a pool fan, you must have heard of Efren Manalang Reyes who won the international competitions 70 times in the past. The Filipino player nicknamed “the Magician” is known for his precise strikes and ability to hit the balls into the table’s pocket. With his personal charm and impressive skills, Ralph Greenleaf secured his place among the top players of all times. Also, William Joseph Mosconi is famous for his record of 526 consecutive balls hit.

Rudolf Walter Wanderone

With a passion for billiards since his child days, Rudolf Walter Wanderone is recognized for his amazing player and entertainer abilities. He was one of the leaders who promoted this game all over America. Another great star in the industry is Buddy Hall who stunned people with his accurate strikes and special hitting technique. A female professional who gained popularity in the 1940s is Ruth McGinnis. She fascinated the viewers with her ability to sink the pool balls into the pockets.

From May Kaarlus, Dorothy Wise to Jeanette Lee, Allison Fisher and Janine Schwan, women have proved that their excellent qualities can rival with those of men’s. There is no doubt, they have won the heart of every devoted fan and will remain in history as ones of the greatest pool players. Do not hesitate and join the zillion of enthusiasts in their support for the game of billiards. Take your friends to these matches and enjoy your time together. Have fun with your favorite sport!