About the game of billiards

The game of billiards has conquered the hearts of people since its appearance in the 15th century. Regardless of whether you like an activity that demands high concentration, or you play pool with your friend every Sunday, the huge popularity of this type of sport cannot be missed on. From UK to Germany to US, people play it and compete against each other in designated tournaments. Find the beauty in every moment of the match and keep up with the professionals.

It is played on a table covered in a cloth with cushiony corners that features six holes along its edge where balls can fall. You can strike them with a cue stick whose tip is chalked for slip prevention. A rest is an accessory with a cross at the end and on which you can rest the cue when you play. The billiard balls are organized when the game starts with the help of a triangular or diamond frame called “rack”.


There are mainly three types of cue sports: carom, pool and snooker. The first one is played on a table with no pockets and with three balls. You should shoot the one of the two cue balls so that it touches your opponent’s ones. The other two categories are the most popular worldwide. While in pool you hit 15 object balls and a cue one in one of the six pockets on the table, snooker uses 21 items and smaller holes.

The game of billiards can relax people and relieve stress, while they are engaged in a fun competition. From regional events to international ones, you can choose your favorite tour and spend time with like-minded individuals. If you play it as a pastime with your family members and friends or you like to watch tournaments on TV, billiards is an unforgettable experience. Support your favorite players and be excited every time they compete!.